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The all-in-one reference / organizer / tracking system for genre fiction readers


Books You Read, Old & New

Trying to remember a specific book you read long ago?

Recall only the character name or the locale?

Or perhaps that it was a captive/revenge/family feud story?

Let BYRON find the answer in seconds!

See more in the demo!
Click to see the DEMO

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picture to
see the

  2015 is BYRON's 21st year!  

 See the first BYRON in our "Museum"! 

Since its birth in 1994,
BYRON has become known as the
easy-to-use reference
for romance readers.

Now, BYRON has grown even bigger
with the Mystery and SciFi•Fantasy•Horror database modules!

Three huge databases!

  1. Romance
  2. Mystery
  3. SciFiFantasyHorror

Choose one genre, two –
or get all three for one huge merged database...

Each database module contains detailed information
about books in their genres!

Get all three together or just one alone

Quickly find spinoffs, books set in your favorite time periods, your favorite locales, written by your favorite authors, in your favorite subgenres, with your favorite themes, etc.

What do BYRON users say?

It has the ability to grow with additional data.  Updates are available.  You can add any extra data you wish.

If we could print out BYRON in book form, it would make up several volumes – a reader's encyclopedia – each volume organized in a different way. 

Oh, and... !

Did I forget to mention that you can even use BYRON to keep track of the books you read and those you want?  That's a bonus benefit of owning BYRON!

Enter your impressions or whatever you want to remember about a book into the Notes field of that book's Book Window.  Add your rating, the date you read it, the price you paid for it. Anything at all!

A touch of a button will add a book to your Inventory, Shopping List, or folder.  Make a quick printout to take along to your favorite bookstore.

you spend more time reading
and less time organizing!

Click here to see the BYRON Demo with screenshots.

Merry Christmas & Happy Hannukah Sale!
Our biggest sale ever!

Order a new full BYRON (software with database) and get one year of updates for that/those genre/s as a bonus!

(Order Romance, get Romance updates.  Order Romance/Mystery, get Romance/Mystery updates, etc.)

Save $30 to $75!

(Your order will be upgraded at our end after the order goes through PayPal.)

 Limited time only - Sale ends January 2nd (end of day)! 

Only $120
Any one genre package.   Additional genre modules extra.   Updates extra.

Download directly to your computer

Order Today!

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