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Updates contain data on upcoming releases roughly 3 months ahead of the time they arrive in the bookstores.

They also contain new information on older books.  In essence, they will include whatever data I've added to my own [genre] BYRON since the last update.

Update Subscription
Enter the E-mail address on file to have your update subscription expiration date sent to you automatically.

(Your e-mail on file)

All upgrades to the program are also included.

So, as long as you remain an update subscriber, you will have the most up-to-date version of BYRON and its [genre] database.

Updates are sent to you via Autodownload.

What is Autodownload?
A method of updating your computer while you are online.  (If you have an anti-virus program installed, then you are already familiar with the way they update that anti-virus program on your computer.  Same thing here.)  When you open BYRON it will check if a new update is available.  If so, it will ask if you wish to download it now.  Just click yes, and it will handle it automatically.  If you click no, it will ask again the next time you open BYRON.  Very, very easy!

When should you order Updates?
The best time would be:

"At the same time that you order your BYRON."

If you like, wait a couple of weeks and play with your new BYRON first.  Then decide whether you'd like to begin an Update/Upgrade subscription.  Or you may decide you don't need any software upgrades and you'd rather add upcoming book data to your BYRON on your own.

But if you want Updates, don't wait too long.... 

If you end up delaying your subscription order by a couple of months -- or more -- and therefore miss an update -- or more -- you will need to also order a special "Catch-Up" update -- see below -- in order to gain the data (and any program upgrades) that were in those updates you missed during that time.

Even then, a "catch-up" is available for only a limited time.

You choose:

  • Subscribe to 1, 2 or 3 genre DBs
    Update subscriptions are discounted the more genres you have and subscribe to.  The discount applies year after year!
  • add $25/year to update your second genre
  • add $20/year to update your third genre
  • .

  • Skipped an update (or 2 or 3)?
    Each update only contains data that's been added to my own BYRON since the previous update -- so if you miss one, then all that data is gone forever.
    Unless you order a "catch-up" right away....

    You'll need to order a single, larger, customized "Catch-up" update.
    10 extra per genre  (autodownload) Please note:   Catch-ups are available for only a LIMITED time.  If too much time has passed since you purchased your BYRON or since your last update, then the data (blurbs make those data files huge!) and software upgrades you missed would have become too big and it would take way too many man-hours to customize a humongous "catch-up" for you.
    ==== You will have to purchase a new BYRON. ====

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