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What have BYRON users been saying about the program?

This is the best thing to happen since I got my PC!!  I love this program.  I have tons and tons of books both paperback and hardcover and my husband is forever telling me to make a list of what I have.  This is perfect!  Thank you so much, Connie.  I intend to tell everyone about Byron.
--- Diane, in New York

Kudos to you for creating such a terrific and useful program.  Every time I use it, I marvel at your accomplishment!
--- Esther, in Arkansas

I just received my Byron software yesterday.  I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to computers so I hesitate to comment.  I have recorded between 600-800 books already with Byron software.  I type the author's name and a list appears of all the titles the author has written.  I click the title I want and it will appear on the specific list I request.  I have one list of books I have read, the second list for my TBR pile, and the third list for shopping.  I can print out the various lists as needed.  Because my volume was so vast it seemed the easiest way to start.  Once I am caught up (if ever) I hope to become more detailed.  The book window in Byron has Title, Original Title, Date, ISBN, Genre, Plot Points, Quantity and Prices, Rating, Read.  Searching can be done by Author, Title, Title segment, Series, Date (includes reissue dates), Character, Genre/Historical time period/Plot Points, Group or sequel, Locale or setting, Rating, Read, Match.  For a very long time I have wanted to record my books in the computer, but became overwhelmed even thinking about it.  Finding out about the Byron software is like a dream come true.  Being new to the computer world I also worried if I would have the ability to use the software.  So far I feel I have been doing very well given my lack of knowledge.  I have not found anything I dislike regarding the software.  ... There is much you can do with Byron software, and I am really delighted with it.
--- Caroline, in Illinois

I am thrilled with Byron although it is responsible for my adding to my TBR mountain and my "wish" list.  :-)
--- Laurel, in Ohio

It's an excellent program.  Thanks so much for creating it!
--- Temesha, in New Jersey

Reading is my main hobby and using the Byron program makes it more fun to keep up with the books I've read.  I don't have that much free time to read with 4 active children, but it's the way I "escape" at times and reward myself for laboring at home!
--- Jeanie, in South Carolina

I LOVE Byron!  It has come in handy for AAR many times already.
--- Laurie, in Texas, of All About Romance

I use Byron a lot -- it really has made things easier for me.  I originally ordered it just to get my books in order and to see what books I didn't have from my favorite authors.  I just sent a list of books to a gal on BSJ, using Byron.  Her aunt had some favorite books from the 50's by the author Cadell, and she wanted to know what else she had written.  It's so easy to use.
--- Kathy, in Missouri, of Romance Revisited

Simply a great idea!
--- Ronda, in Florida

Byron is turning out to be terrific!  I cannot only keep track of my own books but also those I get for my mother and my aunt.  I'm so glad I happened across your webpage.
--- Kay, in California

I love my Byron!!!!
--- Barbara, of The Book Place in Memphis, Tennessee

I had ordered your Byron program in December and have been using it ever since.  I really think your program is Great.
--- Brenda, in Colorado

I installed it tonight and have had several opportunities to use it while I am working on my next update for the Special Lists.  I CANNOT believe the amount of information you have included with this -- it's wonderful and very helpful.
--- Anne, in Minnesota, of All About Romance

I love it.
--- Donna, of D'S Book Exchange in Ceredo, West Virginia

What a wonderful program that no serious book collector should be without.  Can't begin to tell you how much fun I am having with it.  So far I have put about 800 books in, and there has only been one author that didn't come up, and two titles.

Congratulations to you and Randy.  A job well done.
--- Mary, in California

Your program is great!
--- Dorothy, in New Jersey

Received Byron a couple of days ago.  Have installed & am now 'wading' through our stocks -- establishing an inventory.  Have not tried out all the different facilities yet, but have had a look around & am very happy with the software.  You & your brother are to be congratulated on the programme -- it's great!

Thanks & continued success with your programming.
--- Lorraine, in Australia

I love your program and honestly don't know how I survived so long without it.  My 14-year-old daughter even uses it for information purposes.  Of course I told her she is welcome to use it for reference but not to make any changes/deletions etc to it to suit her.  <g>
--- Madelyn, in New Jersey

I don't know what I ever did without your program!
--- Tracy, in Indiana

I'm still having great fun with BYRON.  It is the best thing a romance reader can have!  Besides a lot of shelf space, that is.  ;-)
--- Laura, in Virginia

I LOVE this program!
--- Dana, in New Jersey, of Romancing the Web

I use it all the time, such a great resource.
--- Bev, of Paperback Exchange in Simpsonville, South Carolina

I've been loving the BYRON software and have worked with it extensively since receiving it.  I have well over 2500 bibliographies on my site and was missing some dates and have been able to fill some of those in.  I also have been trying to attach all the stories within the anthologies because that was one place where I did have alot of empty dates.  I know from experience how much work you have put into the BYRON software and want to let you know that I for one really appreciate your work.
--- Lucie, of A Mystical Unicorn, in New Brunswick, Canada

I have been very impressed with your software and it sure has helped me not to buy a book that I have read that is a reissue.  I also love knowing in advance when the new ones are coming out.
--- Pat, in Massachusetts

Thanks so much for your hard work.  It makes my love of romance so much easier to organize.
--- Sharon, in Iowa

I finally took the plunge and purchased a copy of the romance novel software "Byron."  It is fantastic.  All the books are already included in the program, saves enormous time entering data, it has an option for adding selections to a "Shopping List" and an "Inventory List."  I have really enjoyed having a ready list of all the books by each of my fav authors!
--- Susan, in Mississippi

This program is FANTASTIC!!  I have compared this to other programs, and yours is by FAR the BEST!
--- Sondrea, in South Carolina

I got BYRON in the mail today and, of course, installed it right away.  I'm just LOVING it!  It is a wonderful product and I'm having a blast inventorying my collection.
--- Laura, in Virginia

Using Byron saves me so much time and also answers so many of the questions I have about sequels, etc.  Don't know what I ever did without it!
--- Susan, in Mississippi

Again, I am just loving it!  I can't believe how many books I have added to my list of books to buy.  I didn't know about a lot of the pseudonyms!
--- Janice, in North Carolina

Great program.  Just what I was looking for.
--- Ellen, in South Carolina

Your romance readers program continues to be a wonderful resource to my store.  The program of being able to put in a title and come up with an author is a very big help to me and my customers.  Through your Barbara Cartland listing I was able to sell 45 books to one mail-order customer.  It is very up-to-date and informative.  Keep up the great work!!
--- Ramona, of Bunker Hill Book Exchange, in Coos Bay, Oregon

--- Sue, in Oregon

What fun I've had with this program.  I impress the heck out of friends with my awesome Shopping List.  Melva Bailey's Book Shelf in Ormond Beach is where I shop most of the time.  She calls me periodically for some customer who has a character name but can't remember the name of the book or the author.  Your trusty database gives me the answer in seconds!  I'm working on her to get a computer and have the database for reference at the store.  I'll wear her down yet!!  Anyway, thanks again for the fun.
--- Dee, in Florida

It's wonderful.
--- Madelyn, in New Jersey

I tell everyone how useful BYRON is -- my customers love it! ... I have two coming in tomorrow to "research" their favorites lists ... (and, of course, then they ransack my shelves for the books -- VBEG).
--- Merry, of Annie's Book Stop, in Sharon, Massachusetts

I love this database.  It's wonderful!!  Thanks.
--- Carolyn, in Ohio

I have been using BYRON for about a year now, and I love it.  It allows me full searching capability on titles, authors, series, etc., and allows you to match search criteria, to narrow it down even more.  Connie has just come up with a Windows version, which I am installing now, but I have had no problems running the DOS version of BYRON on my machine.

Every book contains info on author, publisher, date, series, sequels, and many have info on names of characters, setting, plot points, etc.  I have used it many times to answer other peoples queries, as well as my own.

I have to admit to not using the feature that allows you to track your books.   Years ago I set up a list in WP, and the thought of transferring my book list (5000+) gives me the willies!  But, someday I will bite the bullet and transfer it over.  That way I could find any book I was looking for.  It also allows you to add info, missing character names, rating, price paid (but who wants to keep track of how much they've spent on books? yikes!)

I would HIGHLY recommend the program.  I have many other print versions listing books, time periods, etc., but with the ability to SEARCH, BYRON is far superior.  Connie also has an update service that allows you to keep getting the latest book updates.  So you are always current.
--- Kristin, of The Historical Gazette, in Kansas

This is a great program.  Very in depth info.  Easy for beginners like us to use. We are having a great time with it.
--- Lauri, in Oregon

I have been using Byron for over a year now and it's great!  My customers are astounded at my "knowledge" and I always give credit to Byron.    ... It's such a great program and so affordable that I think all romance readers should have one.  I always talk about Byron and when the opportunity arose on the bulletin board I told them about Byron.    ... Byron is my friend.  Every time I use it, I tell people he helped me!  I've always been a romance reader, so I know alot about different genres and authors.  But with Byron I'm a genius!!
--- Sandi, of Days Gone By Used Books, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

BYRON has arrived, and I'm having so much fun!  Thanks for the hard work you put into this handy program.
--- Donna, in Georgia

I really enjoy this program!!
--- Ruth, in Virginia

BYRON is an absolute marvel, my shopping list is getting longer and longer and I spend more time on BYRON then any other things, including housework.  But -- what the heck.  It's a great tool for romance fans.    ... BYRON is the best thing since ... I don't know what!  It is wonderful, and I have been the "hit" on the BB I frequent, and manage to always extol BYRON's capabilities.
--- Ute, in Oklahoma

I love your program.  I have tried some others and they do not compare to yours.
--- Dora, in Missouri

I love this program!
--- Judith, in Maryland

Byron is a wonderful program and I appreciate all the time it takes to keep it up to date.  The added features are also a great asset.  I keep my own lists on the Mac so I know how long it takes to keep things current.  Since printing features have been added, I hope to be able to take advantage of this in the future and use Byron to keep track of what I have and what I need instead of doing it myself using MS Word on the Mac.  Byron is the best thing on the market for keeping track of books and all their various components.
--- Barbara, in Massachusetts

Love the program!
--- Kim, in Texas

Thanks so much for helping me.  If you ever need a reference about customer service and support, just let me know!  I'll give you a glowing review!
--- Laura, in Virginia

Love it!
--- Mona, in Montana

As I entered my office this morning my friend met me with twinkling eyes to tell me her BYRON birthday present arrived Saturday.  She is so very enthused and excited and is already planning when to order her updates.

I wanted to let you know how much she's enjoying your program (I understand her husband only saw her at mealtimes from Saturday evening on).  Also, Kathleen uses a terminal at work and knows the basics of Excel and Word but only recently got a computer at home (she "inherited" an old PS1 386).  This woman, who has never installed a program before in her life and knows nothing about DOS commands or paths, installed BYRON start to finish in under ten minutes.  I think the ease of the install (about which she'd been initially apprehensive) added to her enjoyment.  In addition she found the documentation comprehensible and the program very user friendly and by Saturday evening was already adding updates from her 5 year old list.  After even this short a time I think she could go out and teach it!

Thanks for helping to make her day.
--- Joan, in Ohio

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