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What have BYRON users been saying about the program?

I can't live without my pc or my Byron!!
--- Diane, in New York

I have come to rely on Byron so much.
--- Shirley, in Florida

Thank you both so much for your expertise and for just plain being such nice folks.
--- Bev, in Texas

I think I never can explain my gratitude for BYRON enough.  But the side effect of knowing which books I don't know is not very good for my budget...
--- Gudrun, in Germany

Marvelous, marvelous, marvelous!
--- Anne, in Connecticut, of Reader to Reader Romance Book Reviews

I'm a subscriber of BYRON, and I love it!  As a matter of fact I demo-ed it for a customer yesterday who I'm sure was going to go right home and order it.
--- Mary, of Romance World, in El Cajon, California

Thank you so very much.  If I wasn't already convinced that Byron was the best product out there, your customer service and technical support would have sold me.  I will probably get the updates as long as you guys are producing them!
--- Jennifer, in Kentucky

Love it.
--- Loretta, in California

I just love my Byron -- it is so easy to find a book and I use it quite a lot.  Thanks for it -- it has saved me a lot of time and headaches (looking for a book that doesn't exist, etc.).

Thanks for all your work on Byron -- I use it so often -- just about every day.  It has really helped me a bunch!
--- Kathy, in Missouri, of Romance Revisited

I have to say I love Byron and use it continuously.  I read so many books it is wonderful to be able to make notes.
--- Barbara, in California

A few days ago, I finally got Byron!  I'd been wanting it for a while!  I LOVE it.  I wish I was off work for a few weeks so I could tinker around with it!  It works perfectly and is just what this romance addict needs.  So if you can afford it (took a while 'til I had the $$$), I recommend it!  I'm like a kid with a new toy, just want to play with it!
--- Bonnie, in Florida

I love the programme; one of my better buys!!!!!!!!  I used to wonder what I did before I became involved in computers, now I wonder what I did before BYRON  :)
--- Patsy, in New Zealand

You are doing a first rate job of this....
--- Jolene, in Texas

Just thought that I would let you know that the update loaded just fine.  Now if I could only get the rest of the computer to run as smoothly.  HA! HA!  Thanks again for such a wonderful program.

Thanks again for all your help.  I really can't tell you how much I enjoy this program.  I now never miss a good book.
--- Ronda, in Florida

Thanks to both your patience and Randy's, I received and yes, finally installed Byron on my new computer.  It works great!!  I like it much better than my old Byron.  I have been busily engaged doing all my data entry.  The new features that you have incorporated are good.  The flexibility that you have worked into the program gives us the ability to get even more out of this program than before.

I guess I am another satisfied customer.  Your customer service is excellent and at times actually was much more important to me than your program.  I know that I will continue to subscribe for updates.

Thanks again for your help and assistance.
--- Kathleen, in Ohio

I love it!
--- Genesta, in Pennsylvania

I want to thank both of you for taking the time to help me with all the problems I seemed to have had, it is nice to do business with caring people and I feel you both have put yourself out in helping me.
--- Pat, in Massachusetts

I love it!  It is absolutely wonderful.  Thank-you.
--- Linda, in Massachusetts

I really enjoy BYRON.  It's a great program.  If I was only allowed to choose one program to keep it would be BYRON!!!
--- Angela, in Texas

So far it has lived up to expectations.  I am very pleased.  I know I will use it often and long.
--- Jane, in California

I have to say that my customers just love that I'm able to go into Byron & pull up their favorite author & tell them all the books they are missing!!!  <vbg>  Thank you for all of your help!!!
--- Ali, in Arkansas, of Ali Cat's Books

I really love the program and it was very user friendly as I entered the 700 hundred books I have sitting around.  I got a kick out of actually knowing how many I owned.  *smile*  I also love all those titles and such, broken down into themes so I can order more.  *S*
--- Jere, in South Carolina

I have been using Byron to create an inventory of my books and I love Byron.  It has been so helpful in seeing where the gaps are in my collection.  Thank you for all your hard work.  I am anxiously awaiting my next update.
--- Leah Ann, in Tennessee

I want to mention that I have found BYRON to be a big help in finding info on books requested by customers.  Thank you for having this program available.
--- Dolores, in Rhode Island, of D'S Book Service

I use the program all the time and the windows version looks terrific.
--- Kim, in Texas

Thanks very much, and I have really enjoyed all the information in Byron.
--- Shirley, in Florida

I've received BYRON and am having immense amounts of fun.  I look forward to years of use and eagerly anticipate the Science Fiction and Mystery databases!
--- Heather, in California

This program is cool.  The only thing it needs is more Blurbs.
--- Marisa, in Michigan

Having loads of fun using it -- it's definitely living up to Sondrea's recommendation/praise.
--- Susan, in Ohio, of Blue Diamond Publications

Just got my Byron installed and  boy!  am I proud of it.  So easy to use and so much information.  When you have between 2500 and 3000 books it is a definite plus to have, believe me!
--- Cathy, in Arkansas

I'm sitting going through a list of books by JAK to recommend some to someone else, and I just wanted to tell you how much I like having the Blurbs in Byron.  I wish I had started scanning in back covers when I first got Byron but you (and Randy) adding the blurbs really increased the amount of information available and books both read and not yet read.  Having Byron itself is a great help when you have the numbers of books that I do, but the adding the blurbs was truly inspired.

Just wanted to say thanks.
--- Sandi, of Days Gone By Used Books, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I really love your program.  I'll be user of the BYRON program for life.  I'm looking forward to your Mystery and SciFi databases.  THANKS AGAIN!
--- Melissa, in Tennessee

I can't get along without this program.  I really like it.
--- Carolyn, in Ohio

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.  I can't wait for the next update!  Very quick service.
--- Patricia, in Pennsylvania

The more I use your program, the more I love it.  I have recommended to several people that are romance fans.
--- Cynthia, in South Carolina

All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks for all the hard work you do that helps keep us addicts "fixed" and sane.  <G>
--- Jaycee, in Washington state

I must say that I am enjoying your program.  I have around 5000 books and I finally decided to try and catalog them.  It's going to take awhile but it is fun.  Thanks.
--- Kathleen, in New Jersey

I enjoy Byron so much!  You are doing a great job.
--- Jennifer, in Kentucky

Again, thanks for such a wonderful program!  I love it, and sing its praises on the lists that I'm on.
--- Patti, in Washington state

Thanks so much for your help and quick response.  I really appreciate it!
--- Temesha, in New Jersey

Thanks for your help.  This is one of the most useful programs I have.
--- Joe, in Ohio

I finally got my BYRON installed a day or two after I last sent you a message.  IT IS WONDERFUL!  I can't believe how much work you did on it.  Thank you.

Is it useful for you to know that I didn't have any problems with the installation?  (I have NT.)
--- Mary Anne, in Pennsylvania

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