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What have BYRON users been saying about the program?

I ordered Byron & received it in 8 Days!  I think it is TERRIFIC!!  Thanks for sharing this wonderful program !!
--- Tricia, in Texas

I got my copy of Byron Ref. at the end of last week.  It is all I hoped it would be and more.  Especially the inventory part.  I have over 3000 books and have not done any sort of inventory because of lack of time and desire to do all that typing.  Your software is perfect for me.  I want to commend you on an incredible job.  This will be a great asset to me and will save me hours of work.
--- Linda, in Texas

I got my new cd in the mail yesterday and stayed up until I could install it (we didn't get home until late).  I was like a kid at Christmas!  It works beautifully.  You did a wonderful job with this database.  I am really impressed you must have spent a WHOLE lot of time developing this.  I just want to say thank you; it's working so well!!
--- Tamie, in Pennsylvania

As always thanks for the excellent tool that is BYRON.
--- Karen, in New York

I love your product and tell everyone I know about it.  If you are a romance reader you must have this program.  It is worth every penny.
--- Tricia, in Pennsylvania

Keep up the good work!!  I use it at least once a day, usually more.  It is a "life-saver".  <G>  I love it.  Don't know what I would do without it!
--- Kathy, in Missouri

Thanks again for creating such a great program!
--- Temesha, in New Jersey

Just wanted to let you know that I received the database today.  THANK YOU!!  I have just been poking around a little bit in it and it has been really great so far.  I have learned a few new things about some of the authors that I have read.  Even my husband had me searching for information.  He (and I) couldn't believe how many books Barbara Cartland had written.
--- Irene, in Illinois

BYRON arrived in the mail Saturday.  Haven't been off the computer much since.  I think my family is going to go crazy.  It's great to be able to organize my books since I have about 3,000.
--- Xanthe, in Oregon

I love to rave about your product.
--- Ann, in Missouri

BYRON is just the BEST book inventory and update system there is!  I know this sounds like I own the company but I don't.  I have been VERY happy with this program since I have bought it.  I know of many bookstores that actually use this system to keep their inventory and figure out book titles for their customers.
--- Chris, in Florida (listserv post)

I received Byron yesterday.  8 days to arrive, not bad!  I installed it immediately and already love it.  Did you design this program?  It is a wonderful idea.  Thanks.
--- Debra, in Israel

Just wanted to let you know that Byron arrived today safe and sound.  I'm playing with it right now [should be making supper] and it's so easy.  I'm making a shopping list right now!  Thanks again -- I can understand why this is a labor of love for you, and I wish you well with it!
--- Sue, in Ontario, Canada

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