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What have BYRON users been saying about the program?

I love My BYRON!!!   Thanks.
--- Terry, in California

I love my Byron software!   It warms the cockles of my pointy little anal-retentive heart.
--- Christin, in California

Keep up the good work, it's very much appreciated.
--- Colleen, in New Zealand

--- Nancy, in Tennessee

Thanks so much for a great product (I look forward to others!)
--- Karen, in Texas

Great to hear from you and I've heard that Byron is going strong with the romance readers.   Keep up the good work!!!
--- Sandi (long-time user), of Days Gone By Used Books, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I have found BYRON unbelievably useful, and easy to work with, so thanks.   :)
--- Sarah, in New York

I purchased Byron about 6 months ago and love it.   I sell online and this is a great reference tool.
--- Betty, in Tennessee

I love Byron & hate to admit that the MAIN reason I got the PC is to be able to get it.   *G*   Finally figured out that you probably would never get the time to make one for Mac users.   *G*   At any rate I've told all my friends about it & several of them are going to be buying it also.

Thanks again for all your wonderful work.
--- Linda, in California

(On receiving bonus updates):
Cool!   This is the second freebie I've received.   While I am infinitely grateful, Byron should take all the credit.   You guys do a terrific job and it's easy to recommend a great product!
--- Cheryl, in Colorado

Just got my update and y'all are getting more and more wonderful!   Everything always works like a charm!!

I probably shouldn't say this but it seems I should pay you more money than I do for this incredible program!
--- Dea Jae, in Texas

I am really enjoying my BYRON software and wanted to thank you again for providing a wonderful avenue for bookaholics to stay organized.
--- Sharal, in Arizona

Thank You for providing this great program.   It has been a big help with my Book Service.
--- Dolores, in Rhode Island, of D'S Book Service

I have yet to talk to anyone who got BYRON and didn't love it!
--- Deb, in Kansas

I love the Byron program and am angry with myself that I didn't order it sooner!
--- Shirley, in Pennsylvania

I just received my BYRON and have now taken over our computer . . . much to the dismay of my husband.   *G*   Thank you very much,
--- Tracy, in Colorado

I am really enjoying Byron.   It is truly an amazing program.
--- Whann, in Louisiana

Keep up the good work!
--- Margaret, in Virginia

Just got my Byron in the mail.   THANK YOU!!!   I am so excited about using it.   I had emailed you before about it.   I was waiting for my tax refund check to splurge on something for ME!!!!!!!!!!
--- Amy Sue, in Pennsylvania

I received my BYRON and am happily inputting my books.   Thanks so much!
--- Jane, in Colorado

I love your product and recommend it frequently.
--- Susan, in North Dakota

I ordered Byron a few years ago and loved it!
--- Kim (long-time user), in Texas

I really, really love this software.
--- Katherine, in Illinois

I find your service is well worth the money.   Such a good resource at my fingertips.
--- Mary, in Massachusetts

Thank you for all the efforts you put into BYRON.   I am always referring to it and couldn’t be without it now.
--- Colleen, in New Zealand

I love this!   Great work!   So comprehensive!   Never seen anything like it.
--- Shannon, in Massachusetts

Just a note to tell you how much I appreciate the BYRON program.   Sometimes I get impatient to get it, but it's because I use it all the time.   Anyway, I just wanted you to know that the program is great and getting better.   I don't want to fall behind in my updates, so please let me know when I need to renew the subscription.
--- Phyllis, in Texas

Will be installing it on new machine after tax time.   Love it so far!   Great job!
--- Laura, in New York

I use your product every day it is a life saver and have told a lot of friends.
--- Carol, in Pennsylvania

  I couldn't last a day without my Byron program at the store!
--- Peggy, of Thurston Book Exchange in Springfield, Oregon

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