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What have BYRON users been saying about the program?

Just a quick note -- I found a book that I had been looking for for over 5 years thanks to your reference.
--- Kim, in Tennessee

I received my copy of Byron a couple of weeks ago, but I just had time now to email you.  I just wanted to let you know that I wasn't really sure what to expect with Byron, but let me assure you that I am impressed beyond words with the program, and how much I enjoy using it.
--- Emily, in British Columbia, Canada

I have to thank you!  If it weren't for BYRON, I wouldn't have known about a reissue of one of my back titles in an omnibus edition!
--- Author Deborah Simmons, in Ohio

As always your program is FANTASTIC.
--- Cynthia, in South Carolina

I have just received your software and am having a grand time cataloguing my library.
--- Maria, in California

First of all I can't tell you how much I love my Byron even though I'm not really much of a romance reader.  I've been using it this last year to catalogue my books as I get ready to open my cyber-book shop and it's just terrific!
--- Cynthia, in Ireland

I'm lost without my Byron.
--- Kathy, in Missouri, of Romance Revisited

Byron is wonderful & I use it often.  Thank you.
--- Jane, in California

I just wanted to let you and Randy know that the new Byron software disk you sent me some time ago works perfectly.  I had no problem installing or using it at all.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

I wish there were words to tell you how much I appreciate all you and Randy did to try to help me with the problems I was having.  I thought 'upgrading' to Win98 would help, but it really created other problems, some serious enough that I couldn't get onto the web at all.  That's when I decided enough is enough and took the computer in to have it fixed.

Anyway, I proudly display a Byron icon on my web page and tell everyone I know about the wonderful service I've received with you.
--- Jaycee, in Washington state

I've resubscribed for another year -- can't do without my BYRON!
--- Sue, in Ontario, Canada

I love Byron, it is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in the Romance genre.  It's invaluable in the search for an author's past or future works to add to the TBR pile.  As I slowly inventory my books, I'm learning to check with Byron before I order a book online which cuts down on the duplicates.
--- Patricia, in Washington state

Thank you for keeping me abreast of the romance world.
--- Gini, in Wyoming

I LOVE the Byron program . . . you have done a masterful job.
--- Darlene, in Oklahoma

I am a user of your BYRON database and really appreciate it as a tool to track and plan my reading.  It has been extremely helpful.
--- Myretta, in Massachusetts

What did I do before I owned Byron?  Buy duplicate and even triplicate books.  Now, a list of books to buy come with me and no more coming home, only to find that I already own it.  Byron has paid itself several times over.  Thank you very much.  And I Refer as many friends as I can too.
--- Christiane, in California

I look forward to receiving the update.  I rely heavily on your database.  What a great product.
--- Laura, in Missouri

Love your program!!
--- Denise, in Illinois

What would I do without BYRON?  I shudder to think!   :)   Thanks for the wonderful service.
--- Julie, in Ohio, of Escape to Romance

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